Vote Every Day

Vote Every Day

Democratize Your Group

Quae is a community voting app. Voice your concerns in your community and see results today!

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Legendary Groups Act as One

Empower Your Members Like Never Before

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Increase Communication

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Share Ideas and Concerns

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Lead Democratically

Your Group is Secure

You can be confident that everyone in your Quae group belongs there. Require a specific email domain or disable auto-joining to manually approve each join request. With Quae you never have to worry about bots or trolls invading your group.

How It Works

Create Group

Creating a Quae group is simple. Set up a group and invite members to join.

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Members Share Ideas

Members can propose solutions to problems they see and get feedback from their peers. With Quae, you can see what people care about.

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With data showing you how your group feels, you can make better decisions.

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